Surya Trading Company

Surya Incense

Surya imports and sells all-natural, finest quality, hand rolled incense from India.

We offer retail pricing to everyone. Wholesale pricing is exclusively for stores to purchase for resale.

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Surya Incense is available in ten scents: Amber, Euphoria, Forest Champa, Jasmine, Maharaja, Nag Champa, Royal Champa, Rose, Saffron Sandal, and Sandalwood Supreme.

sample pack

Surya's premium incense uses the traditional Indian blends of Ayurvedic herbs and aromatic botanical extracts to produce the finest Darbari and Masala all natural incense. All ten scents are available in both 20 gram packs and 250 gram bundles. Surya packets are 100% recyled, acid-free, handmade cotton paper.

A sampling of Surya's ten scents are available as:

incense samples  The Sampler Darbari and The Sampler Masala

Sampler Darbari - Royal Bouquet: a sampling of, Forest Champs, Jasmine, Maharaha, Nag Champa and Royal Champa.

Sampler Masala - Perfumed Garden: a sampling of Amber, Euphoria, Rose, Saffron Sandal and Sandalwood Supreme.

incense cones  Sandalwood Cone Incense Pack

brass incense burner  Brass Incense Burner

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10% of profits are donated directly to poor widows in Vrindaban, India

--> We offer retail pricing to everyone.  Wholesale pricing is exclusively for stores to purchase for resale.